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An icon set for your Mac

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Bringing together the clean simplicity brought by Yosemite and the delightful details of macOS versions past, these icons are a testament to the styles of new and old.

Designed over a hundred hours of work in total, each icon has been meticulously created to look gorgeous on both Retina and non-Retina displays.

The set also includes a suite of folder icons, complete with beautifully-crafted glyphs for each folder type, and alternate graphite and vibrant variants.

Every icon was designed in a 16-block grid ensuring that when scaled to macOS’ icon sizes at multiples of 8, every element looks crisp and pixel-perfect.

Choose between the alternate versions of icons within the set, for example, the Preview replacement icon comes with both day and night styled options.

For only $5, the Sketch source files for all the icons can be downloaded alongside the free set, so customizations can be applied for your own personal suite.

Every icon in the set has been designed to match the modern minimalist interface, therefore using just one or two of the icons will still match the default look.